Arming my PC

Arming my PC

Building my PC – Recommendations.

Hardware configuration of your PC

We help you define a composition that suits your needs

Throughout this article we are going to recommend which pieces of hardware you should choose.

Going through processors, RAM memories, graphics cards, power supplies.

Depending on the computer, among other peripherals that they will make your PC hardware configuration perfect.

Let's start:

Arming my PC – Hardware configuration of your perfect PC according to the use you will give it

There are different internal components that a computer uses to function. The most relevant and necessary are the following:

  • Processors: They are responsible for performing calculations at high speeds. They represent the “brain” of a computer.
  • RAM memories: RAM memories work as temporary storage for the files and settings of each application that is being used at a time. When the computer is turned off, the RAM memory is empty.
  • Hard drives: Hard drives hold the files of the operating system, the files that make programs work.
  • power sources: Power supplies, as their name suggests, power PC components.
  • base plate: Also known as "motherboard", "motherboard" or "MoBo", it is a board where the other components mentioned above are assembled.
  • Graphic card: it is a memory dedicated exclusively to improve the graphics of our computer. It makes playing and designing on the computer possible.

Knowing a little about these components, we will now know which ones we should choose for each use case, among which we will assess the:

study computers

gaming pc

Computers for multimedia design.

Let's find the best hardware configuration for your PC:

Arming my PC – Computers for studies

These computers need the following features to work properly, but remember that you can perfectly use any equivalent hardware from another make or model:

  • Processor for a studio computer:
  • A processor like Intel Core i3 will do all the work (and more) you need for an Internet-bound studio rig, office suites like Microsoft Office.
  • RAM memory for a studio PC:
  • Because it will not run particularly "heavy" applications, with 4 GB of RAM it will be enough to work perfectly on a computer intended for studies.
  • Hard drives:
  • A HDD 500 GB will be more than enough for a PC for everyday use in which you study, videos, songs and images from the Internet are stored.
  • Power supply for a studio computer:
  • Such a computer does not need a large amount of power, a 500 watt source will be enough to power the entire hardware configuration of the computer.
  • base plate:
  • There are several cheap options on the market that can cost around $8,000.00 in exchange for great performance for a studio PC.
  • Graphic card:
  • Computers for study do not have to incorporate a card graphics since the integrated graphics in the processor that we recommended at the beginning will cover this need.

Do you need help configuring your custom PC? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Arming my PC – Computers for gamers and multimedia design

Computers that are used both to play games and to design different multimedia elements have one thing in common: they are highly demanding, but don't worry, we will recommend the best hardware configuration of your gaming pc or for design, but you should know that such a computer can be somewhat expensive:

  • Processor for PC gamer / design: the number of calculations per second is vital in processors of this type.

A processor that measures up in these cases is the Intel Core i5 or i7, with many cores and the possibility of being accelerated (overclock) in case an application requires extra processing power.

  • RAM: You'll need to get at least a couple of 8GB RAM sticks to be completely sure that it can run any game or design-demanding application used today, that's about 16GB RAM.
  • Hard drives for a designer or gaming PC: in this case we recommend that you have two hard drives of good capacity. One, where the operating system will be installed and the programs related to design, which can be 1 TB, and another where the "heavy" games and multimedia files will be stored. It would also be recommended that it be 1TB.
  • Power supply for a PC for gaming and design: The source should not fall short of such a requirement of the hardware components of a computer with these characteristics, so we recommend a 850-watt source.
  • base plate: The motherboard must be compatible with all the components mentioned above, but it must also allow heat to dissipate efficiently. That without counting the compatibility with the large amount of RAM memory to install.
  • Graphic card: It is undoubtedly one of the components that generates conflicting opinions among fans of gaming and multimedia design. In this case we will recommend the best graphics card according to our opinion considering the cost-performance ratio. 8 GB of VRAM may be more than enough.

The conclusion

A computer for studies and daily use does not require too powerful hardware features, but it is easy to buy since you can find one for sale anywhere at an affordable price.

On the other hand, design and gaming PCs are hard to find already assembled and running, so you'll have to buy the parts and assemble it yourself or at a dealer. technical service computerized.

We recommend the second option since it is the best way to configure your computer in a personalized way and exactly according to your preferences.

Do you need help configuring your custom PC? contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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