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What is a search engine? – Search engines like Google and Bing and Alternatives

Search engines have become a highly competitive arena for everyone except Google.
Despite increased competition, the Mountain View giant's search engine continues to be the preferred search engine, achieving more than 90% of the market share according to stat counter.
Even the intense campaigns against him, due to privacy concerns, have not affected him.
Although Google is considered by many to be a villain, it has not always been this way, especially when the company, now officially known as Alphabet, abided by the motto "don't be evil" that referred to the ethical use of data. user data.
However, this perception was lost as time went by, until it officially disappeared in 2018.

Google leads the search engines

It is undeniable that Google leads the search engines on its own merit, if not entirely.
The Mountain View company was able to stand out with a service that provided more accurate results than those of its competition, a situation that continues, while waiting for what Microsoft can achieve with artificial intelligence in Bing.
It is worth reiterating one of the main reasons why Google continues to dominate the market: it must face large corporations.
Companies like Alphabet and Microsoft have vast financial resources and legions of engineers, making it difficult for smaller competitors to gain ground unless they get ahead of themselves in some area and that area is a commercial success.
Sadly, the mass market is not always meritocratic when it comes to the quality of products and services.

Search engines like Google - Quotas of the different search engines worldwide

The domain indisputable from Google and his business model based in advertising they have caused many criticism of their privacy policies.

His major competitor, Microsoft with Bing (to weigh from take away a portion lower case of the market), neither it is reliable, especially considering his turn towards services with introductions questionable on Windows.

Fortunately, at long of the years, alternatives have emerged that are more ethical and that show a elderly dedication to privacy, a issue that unfortunately No worries so much to the most What ought.

Although internet privacy can seem a ideal unreachablethat shouldn't be reason for surrender and not strive by improve the panorama current.

A brief review of the history of Google and the rivalry in the field of Internet search engines.

Although Google is undoubtedly the engine search further acquaintance, it was not the pioneer in this field.
That honor it holds Archie, the which start their operations on September 10, 1990.
Between the options from search that reached popularity HE find High view, that broke in in 1995; lycos, that arose in 1994, it was released in 1995 and continues current; infoseek, that hill in 1999; and Yahoo! Search, that it started to function from manner official in 1995 Y still keep going providing service.
Is important stand out what yahoo! already No this low the coverage from Verizon to leave from 2021.
Compared, Google appeared later, being the first prototype developed in 1995 and his launch official in 1997, commanded mostly by Larry Page and Sergei Brin.
The company badge Mountain View implement a system called PageRank, an algorithm that order the pages in the results of search.
The notable results than Google presented against your competitors they took to that, little by little, HE will win his place What leader of the market.
A detail interesting is that Yahoo! use google technology for his engine search between the 2000 and 2004, arriving even to attempt acquire to its competitor for three billion dollars, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin they rejected the proposal, arguing than its value TRUE It was five billion.
the rest is history known: Yahoo! now is a fraction of what was in the 1990s and the first decade of the century XXI.
Enough see that, in 2008, Microsoft offered 44.6 billion dollars to buy the company, but in 2021, was acquired from Verizon by Apollo Global Management by only 5,000 million, almost half of the 9,000 million he paid Verizon in 2015.

Microsoft's Bing is considered Google's strongest competitor

Currently, Microsoft's Bing is considered Google's strongest competitor, although according to Statcounter statistics, its market share does not exceed 3%.
You follow Yandex, of Russian origin, that ha increased his popularity due to the current political context, a persistent yahoo!, DuckDuckGo that HE maintains What the major reference in his ground, Y Baidu, of Chinese origin.
In view from this, i will mention five search engines that alternatives could be considered to Google and Bing, no necessarily committed with protect privacy, but that provide different options in a market quite crowded.

search engines like google

DuckDuckGo search engine

DuckDuckGo is undoubtedly the alternative search engine plus renowned in the western half of planet.

TO are heights, his fame speaks by Yeah same, given that ha accomplished be enormously famous in its scope, arriving even to to register 100 million queries daily to the finish the 2021. DuckDuckGo HE He launched officially in 2008 with the intention from Modify the course of the sector, especially forehead to a competition decreasing with Google push.

Two years after, the address took the decision from lean further for privacy, a motion driven mostly by the growing concern about this topic and doubts already started to arouse Google.

assuming than privacy in Internet is practically non-existent, DuckDuckGo choose by do not track the user.

Yes one visit the page Web of the search engine without wear no blocker, will find advertising, but this is only connected with the search term that the user introduced by way of completely aseptic, without data collection or profiling.

During quite time HE kept as the great advocate of privacy among search engines Internet, without embargo, recently his image HE ha seen affected for scandals like related with Microsoft trackers and the blocking of The Pirate Bay.

Additionally, since some time, the company this working in the development of DuckAssist, a system of answers substantiated in artificial intelligence.

DuckDuckGo has extended his line of products for include web browsers designed for safeguard Privacy.

The Android version of the app is based on Chromium, while the Mac version uses the WebKit engine that Safari uses, and the Windows version is expected to follow suit with Microsoft Edge.


Search engines like Google – Qwant

In essence, Qwant is the competitor European by DuckDuckGo Y has his campus in France, inside of the frame of the European Union.

By so much, It is subject to the compliance of the GDPR, the normative that regulates the protection and driving of personal data in the community european.

In a world that usually HE focus in purely technological, is beneficial consider legislation when it comes to services that operate in line.

Qwant began officially to operate in July 2013 and is engaged with guard Privacy from the users, by it that No follow up with the aim from show advertising personalized or sell information staff (this last could have consequences severe, a clear example is Goal, previously acquaintance What Facebook parent).

In conclusion, it does not offer anything revolutionary, however, the European touch could make it more attractive compared to other options with similar characteristics.

Between 2013 and 2019, its web and image search results were completely based on Bing, but now it has its own web (not user) crawler, called Qwantify.

A curious fact is that Qwant joined the Mozilla Foundation to develop web browsers based on Firefox.

As a result of this collaboration, applications have emerged for Android and iOS that work internally in a different way, due to the fact that Apple prohibits the use of other rendering engines in its mobile operating system, although this seems to be changing soon.

A aspect negative of this search engine is that it is not officially available in many countries.


Search engines like Google – Brave Search Web Browser

Now us we enter in Brave Search, a new competitor in the field from engines from search already that began his operation in 2021.

The company that did possible brave Search also takes care from the management of the derivative more popular of Chromium that is available as free software.

This us carry to think in a proposal centered in Privacy (in the extent that the Internet it It allows) and in some ideas innovative, What remember that peculiarity further conspicuous of the web browser is that receives a compensation about to see advertisements.

Something to highlight from Brave Search the thing is HE strive by be an independent search engine Y HE released recently of the dependence from Bing.

Additionally, seek avoid spam and low quality content and offers a Premium plan that eliminates the advertisements Y prevents the collection of the address public IP.

Between their functions notable are the Discussions, which present conversations relevant to the term sought, as comments on Reddit; and Summarizer, a summary feature powered by Brave's AI.

Brave seeks to promote an ecosystem of products and services to attract users and be autonomous.

At the moment, the engine from search this configured by flaw in his browser namesake, but can be established in others browsers such such as Firefox, Chrome and Edge following the Steps regular.

Brave Search

Alternative search engine to Google Yandex

Of agreement to information by Statcounter, Yandex occupies the third place in browser popularity Web to level world, after Google and Bing, with yahoo stepping on him the heels.

This position will can duty mainly because it is the most popular search engine used in its nation native, Russia, where has a 60% of market share approx..

Besides, is acquaintance in other countries, in his majority located in Asia, what include Türkiye, Belarus, China and Uzbekistan.

As it can be appreciated, this engine from search has What public main to the nations nearby to Russia, and there are not a few the What do you see in Yandex one alternative to google, mostly coming from of the historical enemy/rival of the USA.

Shares of different search engines in Russia

To the get into to the portal website that It allows the access to seeker, the user will perceive an indication regard to the climate in a location close to the place where is it located.

Additionally, will be able find links to various services What video game, images, video, weather information, maps and email.

Has the ability to index content in a wide variety from formats, highlighting probably indexing of text located within items Flash shockwave.


Search engines like Google – searXNG

For finish our list of references main, we include to SearXNG, a version improved from Searx.

For be further accurate, is an engine metasearch that combine results of several popular search engines, but No guard data of users in no server external.

Far of being a simple strategy from marketing that No we know whether will fulfill or not, this HE guarantees with the fact that HE run locally.

By it so much, the users will have what to follow some instructions kinda advanced Y satisfy some requirements for put it in March.

Obviously, SearXNG is not a product designed for all, but those who distrust from servers remote could try it to see if meets with your expectations.

Additionally, its source code is accessible on GitHub under the AGPLv3 license grant, which means it is free to use software.

search engines like google and bingIn Conclusion, We show the best alternatives to Google and Bing

In this text we have reviewed a variety of options, but evidently exist other search engines like Baidu, swisscows, Ecosia Y Peekier, that have from traits distinctive in comparison with their competitors.

No notwithstanding, Today, the cluster major compound by Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo and Baidu seems be consolidated, it which reveals the tiny share of market that agglutinate the rest of rivals.

Google has dominated in it sector search engines during the last fifteen years, but with the appearance from artificial intelligence, HE glimpse a little space for reduce his imposing empire.

Yes indeed, there is that point out which is a eventuality, because at the moment Google keep going being the most exact, above all for look for information relative to themes or areas which are quite specialized and/or not especially recognized.

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