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Change current connector - Change Load Pin

Change current connector (DC JACK)

Motherboard power connector repair (DC JACK)

motherboard power connector repairThe energy that a notebook receives to function and charge is supplied by a power adapter that connects to the power connector or DC jack (Jack Power). The DC jack is usually soldered directly onto the motherboard of the laptop and usually fails for the following reasons:

  • Material wear. Due to the number of times we connect and disconnect the power supply at the DC jack.
  • Internal breakage of the connector. Usually due to accidental fall or blow.
  • Cold welding. Weld not applied correctly or alloy wear.

Change power connector – Symptoms that a computer has laptop with damaged DC jack:

  • Does not turn on due to battery depletion.
  • The battery does not charge. As we have charge left, the laptop is on, but we see that it does not charge.
  • When connecting the power supply to the DC jack it only works by moving the connector in a certain position.
  • Electric spark when connecting the power supply to the DC jack.
  • Intense smell of burning when connecting the power supply to the power jack.

If your notebook exhibits any of these symptoms, it is very likely that the power connector has failed and needs to be replaced. Many customers think that the problem is the adapter and proceed to buy a new one, but the laptop still does not work properly.

Change current connector - Welding in poor conditionDesoldered and broken connectorChange charging pin - Broken connector. has no positive
Bad welding.Unsoldered and broken connector.Broken connector. It has no positive.


Change Notebook Power Connector – Repair Power Jack (DC JACK)

We do not repair the power connector by adding "globs" of tin. Rest assured that your laptop will always leave our workshop with a new power connector. It is the only way to prevent it from failing again in time.

repair laptop power connector

Change Charging Pin – Change Jack Power Notebook

In order to carry out the repair, it is essential to disassemble the entire laptop (keyboard, screen, connectors, etc.) in order to access the motherboard of the laptop. With the motherboard disassembled, we proceed to extract the power connector and place a new one, check its operation, carry out a complete internal cleaning and reassemble the laptop.

Internal cleaning of fan and heatsink
Whenever we change a DC jack or power connector, we carry out a complete cleaning of the ventilation and dissipation system.

A DC-jack in poor condition is very dangerous for your notebook. You must understand that the entire laptop depends on that power connector for power. If it is not repaired in time, it can cause very serious damage, mainly to the motherboard and even render the notebook unusable. As soon as you detect a fault in the DC jack of your laptop have it checked.


Power connector replacement – Why choose Master Trend to repair my notebook with DC JACK replacement?


  • Completely free estimate. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Clear prices, without fine print and VAT included. Repair prices are clear.
  • Economy. All our prices are below the market average.
  • Repair carried out by technicians specialists with years of demonstrable experience. Certified technicians at all levels and in constant training. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCED.
  • Speed. Both the budget and the repair (in the case of acceptance) are carried out quickly.
  • repair guarantee made for a minimum of 6 months or refund of the money paid.
  • All forms of payment. We accept all debit or credit cards, payment market, bank transfer and others, consult.
  • We like what we do. We are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of our customers.

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