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PC Repair - Notebook Repair

Belgrano PC Repair – PC and Notebook Technician in CABA.

PC repair

Master Trend Info is a PC Technical Service company with more than 20 years of experience in the technological field. Since the last 5 years in Argentina, we are a reference in

PC repair in BelgraNo Federal capital. We are dedicated to the repair of portable PCs at an electronic level, attending to all failures, we have vast experience in repairing motherboards (motherboard). For MasterTrend it is essential that we maintain the quality of the PC Technical Service with original components of the best origin, we are always willing to solve the problem of the equipment and deliver it to the client in a timely manner. We provide respectful care and kindness. Our clients choose us not only for the best price, but also for performing reliably PC Technical Service in Belgrano CABA.
We welcome you too to have a visit and find out the truth of what we have said.

Repair of PC Belgrano – PC and Notebooks Technical Service – Certified Professionals.

PC and Notebook repair

In our Belgrano PC Notebook Technical Service we are specialists in repairs and we have training with the main manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, ACER, Sony, Samsung, Bangho Among others, that is why we repair all brands in Buenos Aires. The success of our company depends on the satisfaction of our customers and the impeccable work of our team, always updated with the latest technology and training available, we are in our (Belgrano PC Repair – Netbook Repair) prepared to serve laptop PC, All In One, Desktop Computers and Servers of all makes and models.

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PC and Notebook Repair – PC Technical Service for all makes and models.PC Repair Belgrano - Master Trend

In our computer and PC repair service in Belgrano, we provide updating, installation or change of antivirus software, formatting and reinstallation of programs and operating systems such as Windows, MacOS or Linux. In addition, we offer network repair, data and file recovery on damaged drives. Regarding hardware, we repair notebooks and PCs, replacing and selling components such as screens, keyboards, batteries, disks, chargers, and increasing RAM memory. We also offer an excellent maintenance service and serve server equipment. We can send orders to the Federal Capital and other areas in the interior of the country. The budget is completely free.

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Our Main Differences

Belgrano PC Repair – We have earned a solid reputation from our PC Repair customers based on the provision of high quality technical service and IT products. We offer the best services for all your needs, with laboratory and technical models.

Vast Repair Experience


Our PC Repair Technical Support With more than 20 years of experience, offers a quality service at the highest possible speed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Master Trend provides complete product support and PC Technical Service to fix your equipment in Belgrano Buenos Aires Capital Federal. Ask for express PC service (on the spot to change the screen, battery and keyboard).

ability to repair


The MasterTrend team is perfected daily, always focused on the latest technologies and our ability to repair motherboards of PC without outsourcing, guarantees our Technical Service the fastest repairs, for all failures and with the best prices in the market, We repair all brands of Notebook. Consult for express repairs for PC Repair. Windows and MacOS reinstalls. Other applications on request.

Quality services


We understand that when our customers need PC Technical Service, they need it fast and done right. That is why we are committed to providing the highest quality of PC Technical Service in Buenos Aires. Whether it's a Hardware or Operating System failure, our technicians will do whatever it takes to fix your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We guarantee our service


About our technical service quality guarantees for our clients. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in Notebook Technical Support. Customers always want to feel secure with the companies they do business with. We repair all brands and all faults. With our quality guarantees, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible service in Capital Federal.

Google reviews

Juan Carlos Monge
September 12, 2023

Very good experience when taking a laptop to repair. The attention was very cordial and professional. They always kept me informed about the status of the repair and did not charge me anything for estimating. I recommend them.

santi martinez
September 5, 2023

fast and effective solution excellent service

August 25, 2023

The disk on my Asus computer broke when it was already in need of cleaning. Since I work from home via the internet, it was imperative that it be fixed quickly. Fortunately, they met the deadlines and I am very satisfied with the care and service I received. I would recommend them for laptop repair.

Gustavo Oshiro
August 5, 2023

I brought a PC that wouldn't turn on due to a problem on the motherboard, the next day he gave me the budget and that same day it was repaired. Excellent attention, price according to the repair. Recommendable.

Lucas Wolf Kindred
July 28, 2023

They repaired the two hinges of an HP notebook, very satisfied with the work and they told me that it would be there for a Friday and the day before it was ready. Reliable.

Viviana Koziol
July 19, 2023

Very compliant and honest. They resolved everything quickly and at very affordable costs. I recommend them. Some geniuses, thank you!

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