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laptop broken screen

Notebook broken screen How to repair!

Devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are prone to damage. An unexpected accidental drop can lead to cracks and internal failures in the laptop, creating a standstill between the user and work. And when your survival depends on such devices, thousands of questions run through your head about meeting project deadlines.

Whether it's a small crack or too many pixels blown out, a broken laptop becomes unusable. However, the good news is that you can recover!


Yes, you heard us right!

The existence of proper tools and data recovery services give a new look to the back of your laptop. Still, a data recovery professional can also replace a damaged laptop screen. However, before you refinish your laptop screen, take a full look at the laptop and examine all the cracks and damage that occur on the screen. Even check the graphics card and motherboard to find out if there is any damage to this part?

To ensure the graphics and motherboard are working properly, you can test it by connecting a desktop monitor or TV to the laptop. If the image looks tight and desirable on an external panel, it means the graphics cards are working but there is a defect in the display.

Before you replace your laptop screen, there are several general steps you need to take. So check them out!

Broken Screen Notebook – Table of Contents

How to repair a damaged laptop screen? Troubleshoot laptop screen issues Steps to fix a cracked screen

  • Remove the screen bezel
  • separate panel LCD broken
  • Install the new LCD panel
  • Examine the new screen

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How to repair a damaged laptop screen?

Troubleshoot laptop screen

Determining the cracks, flaws and damage on the laptop screen is essential. There can be different types of damage that occur on the screen. The laptop screen is made up of thousands of pixels. If pixel damage appears in one area, it could destroy your entire system. This is where you need computer repair services. If the problem of the image appears on the screen because it is broken or not working, it is time to replace it. Laptop screens are available at a high price, which can sometimes cost the 30% or more of the full price of the computer.

Steps to fix a cracked screen

  • Remove the screen bezel

Before performing screen replacement operations, please disconnect the power supply and remove the battery. Now, inspect every corner and bezel around the screen. Using screws remove the bezel and the cushions hold the bezel in place.

  • Separate broken LCD panel

After removing the screws, detach the screen and set it aside and disconnect its cable. A laptop made before 2010 comes with two cables. Now, find out the manufacturer's labels and write down the model number. This information will help you purchase an exact match for your broken screen.

  • Install the new LCD panel

Once you buy a new screen, make sure it matches your requirements and those of your laptop. And if the mounting brackets, dimensions, and connector match your requirements, get ready to install the display. First, connect the new screen to the cable, put the new screen at the right angle, and fix it with screws.

  • Examine the new screen

Before reinstalling the bezel, it is recommended that you examine the screen to determine if the screen is working properly. So please put the battery back and connect the power cable to start the laptop. If the screen works properly, reinstall the bezel and external screws and rubber pads.

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If the fixes mentioned above don't work, contact Master Trend. We have staff trained in laptop repair, equipped with the right tools and knowledge. For more information, you can connect with us at any time.

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