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Motherboard repair - Repair MotherBoards

Repair of Motherboards - Repair of MotherBoard - Arrangement of motherboards


Motherboard Repair – Technical Service to repair laptop motherboard


What is a computer motherboard?


A laptop is a perfect workstation for those who need to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

The main components of this device include the motherboard, memory, processor, hard drive, keyboard, and display.

The motherboard of a laptop is the place where all the circuits connect to work.

It takes the power from the charger or the USB C port (power source), and distributes it among the different parts of the circuit depending on what is desired: data input and output, video display on a screen or all data processing. your computer.

Laptop motherboards also fail. In case of any failure the motherboards present symptoms.


They are not as durable and reliable as you think, especially if they have been constantly battered by your intense gaming sessions or other demanding workloads on a daily basis for months.

If you need help troubleshooting any faults with this important component, our company is a motherboard service specialist and will be able to take care of it for you.

Count on Master Trend for motherboard repair.


Repair MotherBoard or Motherboard Repair – If the motherboard breaks down, it usually shows these symptoms:


laptop motherboard repair


  • The equipment does not start or does not show an image. 
  • Tries to turn on but shuts off. 
  • The laptop takes out dull video and it's not the screen, nor is it the flex cable.
  • The laptop crashes continuously and is not due to a memory error. 
  • Smoke is coming from the mother (motherboard chip) or it smells like burning.
  • The battery is not the cause of the laptop not charging. 
  • Other indications. 


If you are experiencing a sudden interruption in the functionality of your computer, it is likely that there is an electronic failure on the motherboard.


how to repair a motherboard burned? – repairing laptop motherboard.


Motherboard repair - motherboard components


Motherboard Repair – If your computer's motherboard has been damaged beyond repair, it may be necessary to replace it with a new one.


MotherBoard Repair – What are the costs to change the motherboard of a laptop?


The main reason is that purchasing a new motherboard for a laptop represents a significant expense, ranging from $300 to $450. 

Given these prices, most of the time, the user or owner chooses to replace their damaged laptop and buy a new one. 


Motherboard repair – How to find a short on a motherboard?


To avoid the change and proceed with the attempt to recover the motherboard of your PC or notebook, an expert electronic technician is key.

It is not a computer scientist: these qualified professionals know how to identify components and their functions, as well as how to use diagrams to solve problems, in MasterTrend our technicians have years of experience working with all types of electronic devices and are constantly updated.

We are able to identify what each component does and where it may be defective on the motherboard, thanks in large part to knowledge of how these parts work together and the visualization of a schematic that shows us exactly that, which together with instruments and adequate tools leads us to identify the damaged part and find the resolution. 


Motherboard repair – Where to repair your notebook motherboard in CABA?


motherboard repair - notebook motherboard


If you're looking for a high-quality laptop repair service, look no further than our certified technicians, with over 20 years of combined experience and an unmatched success rate in repairing faulty motherboards, we can guarantee that your issue is addressed in the best possible way. your notebook motherboard will be fixed quickly.

We have a high percentage of laptops that are repaired with a damaged motherboard.

We avoid laptop replacement and charge less than you would expect for this type of service.

If your laptop's motherboard doesn't work properly, pay nothing unless we can fix the problem and offer you a guarantee that our technical service will be guaranteed for at least six months.


Repair of motherboards for notebooks – How is a motherboard repaired in our laboratory?


The first thing we do is disassemble your laptop and remove the motherboard.

Once disassembled, our technicians will measure what may be going wrong in order to fix any issues accordingly.


The common defects and technology we find when diagnosing PC motherboard or notebook repair.


  1. Bios, It is a typical failure of several models of equipment, in general the bios is corrupted and needs a rewrite. (reburning bios can also solve cases of forgotten password, as long as it is not a system password)
  2. Short of capacitors, it is the second most found failure in motherboard repair.
  3. Short of Mosfets, a damaged mosfet normally accompanies a shorted capacitor. (because of the capacitor short, it usually heats up and ends up burning due to excess current) or it burns due to high consumption in some other component or high temperature regime for long times.
  4. Chips and Chipsets, Integrated BGA usually have fissures in their welding and affects most of the Video chips or (North and South Bridges) PCH in more modern equipment.
  5. Integrated internal source regulators the most common 5V and 3V lines followed by 1.5v, 1.35V or 1.2V memory regulators or processor line regulators.


MotherBoard Repair - Laptop motherboard repair


Motherboard Repair last step – To conclude the repair of your motherboard.


Once the repair is finished, for the motherboard to be tested, we reassemble it to carry out tests that confirm our work.

Finally, once everything has passed inspection and testing, a member of staff will contact you to let you know what has happened to your equipment. 

Finally, only the approval of the client is missing.

We do not execute the technical service on your motherboard, without having been previously approved.

In the event there is any repair required, a quote for the cost of the repair will be provided to you.

If the equipment has been approved with no issues, you will be notified so you can pick up your equipment.

You will also be provided with a detailed report of the inspections carried out and any repairs that have been carried out, including the associated costs.

You will be advised on any preventative measures you can take to keep your equipment in good condition and extend its useful life.

It is important to follow staff recommendations to ensure the safety and optimal performance of your equipment, so that you can continue to use your equipment safely and efficiently.

In case you have any additional questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to ask the staff, who will be happy to help and advise you. 


we do not admit motherboards disassembled.

It is essential to have the laptop completely assembled in order to carry out the motherboard repair service.  

We do not receive unarmed teams.

Motherboard circuitry is sensitive and many failures arise from mishandling, without knowledge it should not be attempted.


PC motherboard repair – Desktop PC motherboard repair.


For desktop PC motherboard repair: Disassembled PC motherboards are admitted for service and must be accompanied by processor (board and chip), cooler and memory.

If your address is outside of CABA and you decide to send for repair, make sure that it is very well packed.

Consultation, advice, information or support for PC or PC motherboard repair, contact, click here.


Repair Motherboards – Do you know the exact deadline to repair a motherboard?


The time it takes us to investigate your laptop and call you with news will be about 3 business days.

We want to make sure you know all of your options before you start motherboard repair.

If there is something else that is not working, such as an electronic component needed to fix this particular problem, then our technicians will let us know and give us an estimate of how long it will take to deliver those parts directly.

There are numerous electronic components available to repair motherboards from all existing manufacturers up to now. 

There are some repairs that require extra time, especially when chips or chipsets fail. 

There are over 9000 chipset options for motherboards and it is not feasible to have them all in stock. 

The time required to carry out the repair varies according to the model and type, becoming necessary up to 20 days. 

When one of our technicians checks your laptop, if it were the case, he would indicate it through: (phone email WhatsApp) so that you can confirm if you want us to continue with the repair in the indicated time.



Motherboard Repair – Why choose MasterTrend Info to repair my notebook motherboard?


  • Completely free estimate. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Clear price, without small print and VAT included. Repair prices are clear.
  • Economy. Our prices are always below the market average, so there is no need to worry.
  • We are proud of our reputation for quality service. From basic repairs to major renovations, we handle all types of jobs with efficiency.
  • Speed. The diagnosis and repair are done quickly so you can get back to your everyday life as soon as possible.
  • Spare parts of excellent quality and high-end level.
  • The customer is guaranteed the repair for at least 6 months, or the money is returned.
  • All forms of payment for choice. We accept all debit cards or credit cards, market payment, bank transfer and others, consult.
  • Personalized attention in our premises.
  • In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, it is important to stay on top of trends. We are no exception Our team members are always exploring new ways for us all to work better together to serve our customers' needs.


Master Trend and brands cited with reserved rights, for consultation please contact the administrator by (phone - mail (email) - WhatsApp) that of course we will answer. Our availability for consultation is from Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thank you for choosing us!


Consult for Notebook Repair – Technical Service in Belgrano, Federal Capital.


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