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Intel Arc Alchemist 2022

Intel Arc Alchemist

The Intel Arc Alchemist is a new graphics processing unit from Intel.

Intel Arc Alchemist for Laptops: Information

As was suspected, the giant of the chip has announced the Intel Arc Alchemist for laptops, an exclusive generation of dedicated graphics resolutions that use the Xen Gen 12 architecture, and that they are designed to seriously compete with the GeForce RTX 30 Mobile, and with the AMD Radeon RX 6000M, both in terms of performance and supported technologies.

The entire Intel Arc Alchemist series is made up of dedicated graphics resolutions, and these fall into different ranges, which means that the size of the chip is going to offer perfectly adjusted options to perfectly contemplate both the market for low-end with the standard quality market, and also the high-end market.

It is obvious that this distinction means that the Intel Arc Alchemist will offer a very different performance depending on the range where we focus, but fortunately this will not affect the group of supported technologies. By this I mean that the entire Intel Arc Alchemist series will incorporate with applied cores for speed ray tracing, and with XMX entities for accelerate artificial intelligence and provide hardware support for Intel XeSS, a capable image reconstruction and upscaling technology that will compete with NVIDIA's DLSS.

Intel Arc Alchemist for Laptops: Three Different Ranges

The new Intel Arc Alchemist series of mobile graphics resolutions are distributed in a total of three different ranges; Intel Arc 3, which fits into what we have the possibility of estimating as low range; Intel Arc 5, which positions in the standard quality; and also Intel Arc 7, which sits in the high rank.

In the image we can see Intel Arc Control, a new all-in-one program for players and content developers that includes drivers and other tools.

The first to arrive will be the Intel Arc Alchemist 3

As we have advanced we have three ranges, but a total of five models. The first to arrive will be the Intel Arc Alchemist 3, which will be free from today. The Intel Arc Alchemist 5 and 7 will begin to be free at the beginning of this summer, although we do not have a specific date nor do we yet understand which laptops are going to be the first to use them, so we have to wait.

Intel did not make a direct comparison of the Intel Arc Alchemist 3 with the graphic resolutions that NVIDIA and AMD give today, but it did give certain performance data of these in front of the Intel Iris Xe, and the values that we saw are quite good ones. The difference is important, and beyond that we are talking about cheap and low-end graphic resolutions have the ability to render a 1080p-60 FPS experience in several recent games, as long as we adjust the graphic quality to medium or high settings.

For content authors, the Intel Arc Alchemist 3 is also an attractive alternative. Intel knows that multiple experts use a single laptop to unify work and leisure, and for this reason it also showed the performance that it is with the ability to render the Intel Arc Alchemist 3 in multiple expert apps, such as Handbrake and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Key technologies and insights from Intel Arc Alchemist

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics resolutions use the newest Xe HPG architecture, initials for “High Performance Graphics”, which means that they are aimed at players and content authors. Each Xe block includes a total of 128 shaders or FP32 cores, such as a unit for speeding up ray tracing and XMX arrays, that are experts in accelerating tasks associated with AI (artificial intelligence) and are essential to enjoy support at the hardware level of Intel XeSS.

Intel XeSS technology generated good experiences in the first demos it showed the huge of the chip. We understand that, initially, it will be free in about twenty games, but later it will be extended to other titles. Intel has taken advantage of this event to re-emphasize that it will be an open and simple technology to carry out.

Each and every Intel Arc Alchemist resolution offers full hardware acceleration of the AV1 codec, has full DirectX 12 Ultimate support, and uses Intel Deep Backlink technology, which makes perfectly matched performance between the central processing unit and the GPU. The two distribute consumption, and this is balanced in a capable way depending on the workload. In this way, when a load is much more intense at the level of the central processing unit, it has tolerated consuming much more, and vice versa. Without further ado, we will see the information for each model.

Intel Arc Alchemist A350M

  • 6 Xe cores.
  • 768 shaders.
  • 6 cores for ray tracing.
  • GPU at 1,150MHz.
  • 4GB of GDDR6.
  • 64-bit collective.
  • TGP: 25-35 watts.

Intel Arc Alchemist A370M

  • 8 Xe cores.
  • 1,024 shaders.
  • 8 cores for ray tracing.
  • GPU at 1,550MHz.
  • 4GB of GDDR6.
  • 64 bit bus.
  • TGP: 35-50 watts.

Intel Arc Alchemist A550M

  • 16 Xe cores.
  • 2,048 shaders.
  • 16 cores for ray tracing.
  • GPU at 900MHz.
  • 8GB of GDDR6.
  • 128 bit bus.
  • TGP: 60-80 watts.

Intel Arc Alchemist A730M

  • 24 Xe cores.
  • 3,072 shaders.
  • 24 cores for ray tracing.
  • GPU at 1.100 MHz.
  • 12GB of GDDR6.
  • 192 bit bus.
  • TGP: 80-120 watts.

Intel Arc Alchemist A770M

  • 32 Xe cores.
  • 4,096 shaders.
  • 32 cores for ray tracing.
  • GPU at 1,650MHz.
  • 16GB of GDDR6.
  • 256-bit collective.
  • TGP: 120-150 watts.

Final Notes: Intel has a little surprise in store for the outcome of the event

In the presentation video of the Intel Arc Alchemist for laptops, the enormous chip left a small surprise for the outcome: the design that will have its Limited Edition Intel Arc Graphics Card, and that you can see in the attached image. The cooling system that has a part of a radiator and 2 fans inside, which leaves us with a fairly usual double slot format.

Intel has taken a lot of care with the design, and shaped a very attractive graphics solution, although we are not sure that this design will be used in the standard edition. So that you can see it with much more aspect I also leave the official video. will be free since this summer, but we do not understand at what price or with what level of availability.


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