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Battery Change for Notebook and Netbook.

Battery Change – Problems with the laptop battery

Before changing the battery of the notebook, know that: There are several types of problems why the battery of your computer may not work well and you need to fix it. Normally these faults are linked to a misuse of the battery charge or in general due to its deterioration over the years (end of useful life). In any case, you may find some of these symptoms:

Battery lasts little.

The battery charges perfectly, but it only lasts a few minutes. Before it lasted 6 or 7 hours and now it downloads in minutes

Battery does not charge.

The battery is dead and is no longer charging even though it is connected to the charger. The LED that indicates that it is charging instead of turning on blinks.

Battery has lost capacity.

The battery is charging, it is half charged, but nothing to reach the 100%...

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How to change the battery? – What steps or order should I follow?

When your battery is not charging, before you change the battery, there are a few things to be aware of that could be wrong. As a first step check the charger, making sure it works properly, the socket - plugs or shoes, then check the motherboard, maybe you find a loose cable or a short circuit problem in device components.

We can check for problems with the transformer (charger) by plugging into a socket and checking that the light comes on correctly. If it doesn't, buying or replacing with a new one is the solution.

The battery may not be the problem. It is possible that your motherboard has been damaged, which will affect everything connected to it, such as the charging devices or the charger. Then it is convenient to use a multimeter to check its operation and in case the battery is charged, contact Master Trend for a motherboard repair quote. But if you see that the battery is damaged, then you should think about doing the Battery Change.

Change the battery or repair? – Can they be “fixed” batteries of computer?

The answer is yes, but you will have to buy a new battery and do the battery change to make it faster or cheaper. Claims abound on the Internet that you can "regenerate" your battery by subjecting it to extreme temperatures (cold conditions like freezing the battery for example), but this is not recommended and it doesn't really work, it's something of an urban legend.

The old battery in your laptop can be replaced without spending too much money. For this, it is necessary to know the minimum information such as: brand (Apple, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, DELL, etc.), model and manufacturing code (serial number in some cases). The process can be simple, but in some cases you have to disassemble the equipment.

Have you had problems with your computer's battery? If so, let us know in the comments and we'll be happy to help.

Battery Change – Free Diagnosis

Leave your equipment in the hands of our technical specialists. We install your new battery.

we'll do one full review of your notebook to be able to correctly diagnose the fault, if it is a battery or motherboard fault, then we will contact you to tell you about the problem and give you a quote, but all for free.

Then you decide without commitment if you want us to carry out the repair your motherboard or Battery change.

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  • Battery Change of all brands.
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