IT8518E SuperIO

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The SuperIO IT8518E is a highly advanced chip that plays a vital role in today's computers.

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The IT8518E SuperIO is a highly advanced integrated circuit that serves as a key component in modern computer systems.

IT8518E – Integrated Circuit – SuperIO

The IT8518E is designed to provide a wide range of input/output functionality, such as monitoring system temperatures, controlling fan speeds, managing power consumption, and interacting with various peripherals.

The IT8518E plays a crucial role in improving the overall performance, stability and functionality of computer systems by enabling efficient communication between the motherboard and external devices.

Its versatile capabilities make it an essential component in ensuring the smooth operation of modern computers.

In short, the IT8518E is a fundamental piece in the optimization and efficient operation of modern computer systems.

Its various input/output functionalities make it an essential component to improve the performance, stability and functionality of computers.

Thanks to its ability to communicate efficiently with peripherals, the IT8518E contributes significantly to ensuring smooth and optimal operation of computer systems.


  • This is the integrated driver IC part number: IT8518E
  • Package: LQFP128
  • Manufacturers : ITE

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IT8518E SuperIO – Datasheet Download PDF:

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