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Keyboard Change – Notebook Keyboard Replacement

Laptop keyboard replacement, solve the problem that it doesn't work, spilled coffee latte or other liquid. Keyboard, some keys are automatically pressed or triggered, the keys do not respond, it is difficult to press or respond. Keys are missing.

laptop keyboard repair

Do you need to change the keyboard of your notebook?

If you want to know the price to repair the keyboard of your laptop, do not hesitate to contact us.


If a key or the entire keyboard of your laptop does not work, at Master Trend we have the solution for you.

The keyboard by the way is the most used component of any notebook.

Keyboard repair on laptops is one of the most variable cost repairs. There are notebook brands whose keyboards can be removed using 2 screws and there are other laptops where practically the entire laptop has to be disassembled to replace the keyboard.

We replace the keyboard for your notebook of any brand:

  • steel
  • ASUS
  • lenovo ideapad thinkpad
  • Dell XPS, Inspiron
  • Toshiba Satellite, portuge,
  • Sony, Vaio
  • company,
  • packard-bell,
  • hp,
  • Macbook keyboard replacement

In almost all the cases that we have examined, the failure of some keys implies in the complete keyboard change.

Most frequent causes for which you need to replace the notebook keyboard:

  • break loose keys
  • loss of keys
  • damaged key membrane
  • waterfall
  • spill of beer or other liquids
  • falling heavy objects

In almost all cases the only possible repair is full laptop keyboard replacement. The manufacturers do not provide "the loose keys" and on the other hand the interior of the keyboard is all a membrane.

Average cost of keyboard replacement

Due to the existence of infinite laptop models, it would be impossible to put a price list. The price range can be wide, because for some models it is not possible to replace only the keyboard without changing the entire intermediate case of the notebook.

Keyboards without complete disassembly

Simple keyboard replacement

The previous generation notebooks used to come out with a keyboard module applied on top of the upper case, whose disassembly is carried out in most cases, removing two or three screws on the bottom of the laptop and prying the anchors of top plastic.

For example, replacing the keyboard of a Lenovo G50-70 it is a fairly simple operation and is done by simply removing three screws from the bottom case.

LENOVO G50 Keyboard

This implies a faster and easier repair when replacing the keyboard.

Average repair price almost always depends on the keyboard model. It is usually a little higher in case of keyboards with backlighting, such as for lenovo thinkpad or Hp probook.

Keyboard Change – Replacement keyboards with complete disassembly

Full keyboard with case

On newer notebooks, replacing the keyboard requires disassembling most parts of the notebook. In some cases, the manufacturer only offers the keyboard along with the top case of the laptop, which increases repair costs.

ASUS keyboard rear
ASUS X555 keyboard without frame

At Master Trend, we can, in many of these cases, manage to replace just the keyboard, without changing the entire top case. These are models of Asus, Acer, Hp and Toshiba, which in most cases use a plastic material anchor to hold the keyboard at the bottom. Our technicians will be able to replace these anchors and reattach the keyboard as before without having to change the entire part. This implies significant savings for the end customer.

One important thing to keep in mind when carrying out this type of repair is that if the laptop comes with an English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or other language keyboard, it will be necessary to replace the keyboard with the same one. original language. Otherwise the keys may not fit with the top frame.

Keyboard replacement with upper case

Apart from the cases discussed above, there are notebooks that are usually high-end with backlighting of the keys whose manufacturer recommends the replacement of the entire component.

To repair the keyboard, it will be necessary to replace the top of the laptop with the palm rest (Palm Rest) and the trackpad (touchpad).

That is why at Master Trend we make it easy and replace the keyboard of any laptop of any brand, with high-quality spare parts and we guarantee the repair for a period of six months.

How long does it take to change the keyboard?

Term for service

repair time

Delivery time may vary based on notebook model and stock availability. There is a case in which it is necessary to disassemble the laptop to find the part number of the spare part and to be able to order it from the supplier.

In most cases we usually take 24/48 hours with stock availability in Argentina.

6 month warranty

6 month warranty

When repairing and changing the keyboard of your laptop at Master Trend you will have a 6-month warranty. We guarantee our keyboards for a period of 180 days. The warranty will not cover liquid spillage or mechanical breakage of the keys.

If you want to remove any doubt about how much it may cost to change the keyboard of your laptop, do not hesitate to contact our customer service to request a quote for your specific model.


Why choose Master Trend to change my keyboard?


  • Completely free estimate. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Clear prices, without fine print and VAT included. Repair prices are clear.
  • Economy. All our prices are below the market average.
  • Repair carried out by specialist technicians with years of demonstrable experience. Certified technicians at all levels and in constant training. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCED.
  • Speed. Both the budget and the repair (in the case of acceptance) are carried out quickly.
  • repair guarantee made for a minimum of 6 months or refund of the money paid.
  • All forms of payment. We accept all debit or credit cards, payment market, bank transfer and others, consult.
  • We like what we do. We are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Where to change my keyboard?

We have a local in Belgrano (Buenos Aires – CABA) in case you want to bring us your notebook, contact us.

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