Microsoft Defender at the level of the best antivirus

microsoft defender

microsoft defender

microsoft defender

Microsoft Defender is the security solution that Microsoft offers for free with Windows operating system.

The latest data from the analytics firm AV-TEST they claim that it achieved sufficient protection so that the user does not have the need to obtain programs from others.

And we talk about consumption, due to the fact that companies and experts will have to use other much more complete solutions.

Cybersecurity threats are incessant, they use all kinds of techniques and are becoming much more prominent, with viruses, worms, Trojans and all kinds of malicious software accumulating week after week trying to infect computers and networks.

In an OS like Windows, the most widely used and for this reason the most attacked, probably even the most sensible user in the use of his device must deal with some kind of infection.

And hence the need to use some kind of program to assist us in the work.

Microsoft has been providing antivirus software for its OS for some time. And we remember thatSecurity Essentials» that came installed for Windows 7. Since then the solution within Microsoft has changed its name, but the most essential thing is that it has improved a lot and caught up with the most outstanding free antivirus.

Microsoft Defender: getting better and better

AV-Test is a German expert testing center for security resolutions and publishes results from time to time.

It is one of the few of its kind that performs continuous tests on each and every one of the systems and those of us who have followed it for a decade have verified that it works quite independently.

A few years ago he rated Windows Defender as "the worst antivirus» of the free and did not recommend their use.

A few years later the situation changed.

The set examines the resolutions by evaluating three sets: suitability and level of detection, the load on the system and its ease of use.

As it assigns six maximum points for each, the resolutions have the possibility of achieving a maximum of 18 points.

AV-Test has analyzed 20 antiviruses at consumer levels for Windows and we must highlight the very, very high average score of all of them.

And Microsoft Defender's breakthrough by achieving the maximum score and rubbing shoulders with solutions from the industry's greats such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Eset.


microsoft defender

Naturally, these companies also offer free resolutions that can be used on Windows, but if you don't want to use third-party software, Windows Defender is an excellent option.

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