How to Clean Windows With Bloatware

How to Clean Windows With Bloatware

How to clean Windows with Bloatware in its versions 10 or 11.

Clean Windows of unnecessary or unwanted apps It is among the first tasks that anyone who acquires a new device with the Microsoft system pre-installed and also those who update editions or do a clean installation of any version must deal with.

Neither Microsoft nor its hardware partners (manufacturers) were aware of the weariness of customers of the service in the face of the proportion of bloatware on Windows. No matter how much you spend, your brand-new PC will arrive full of “junk” programs, useless apps and services that penalize the user experience, fill storage elements or memory in a superfluous way, lower performance and security and in much more serious cases ( example the Superfish) compromise the security of the equipment with difficulty. Here we have the fortune to evaluate the most outstanding equipment (and much more expensive) and it is terrifying to investigate a 3,000 euro laptop in these operating conditions.

The inconvenience is extensible to other systems What Android and to the proportion of applications that are pre-installed on capable smartphones. The issue goes beyond Bloatware and both Microsoft and Google plus take the opportunity to advertise their apps on their opponents. And there doesn't seem to be a solution, no matter how much we insist that it would be much more convenient and respectful of the service's clients if all this kind of program were offered as an added download for whoever wanted/needed to install it.

Windows 10 apps fill 1.6 GB of space

Microsoft promised to address the problem after criticism in the publication of Windows 10, but did not comply. He was only talking about the Workstation version and in addition to this he removed the official “Fresh Start” tool that at least made it easier to clean up Windows by automating development. I had a decent chance with the Windows 11 operating system, but the problem continues.


Clean Windows from Bloatware

a new studio used the PowerShell console to find out the actual space occupied by default Windows apps, in a standard installation up to 1.6 Gbytes of space. It may not seem like much for most recent computers, but it turns out to be much more than previously thought and the size that you can see in the interface.

How to uninstall an app on PC when it is hidden or blocked?

To Microsoft's thirty extended universal apps (most of them useless on desktops without touch screens), the company adds others that have nothing to do with the OS's own performance. The different OEMs install another good proportion of apps and services, the vast majority of which are few tools (to put it delicately), and together they generate a system infladísimo without obligation except for your business issues and not that of customers.

Cleaning Windows operating system a mandatory task

It's time to roll up your sleeves as among the first tasks to be carried out in relation to receiving your new PC or updating one that exists with an exclusive version. Now we have previously provided you with manuals to clean up Windows 10 from the exact same desktop, Settings, Control Panel, from the console or with third-party apps.

How to uninstall an app from the microsoft store that is blocked?

If you opt for this last option we must highlight O&O AppBuster (bloatware removal utility) for its capacity and persistent update, as it allows you to remove apps for today's user or for the entire set of individuals on a device and also allows you to reinstall the deleted application in case you want to use it later.

How to clean Windows with Bloatware using Bloatware Removal Tool (Remove bloatware from windows 10 and 11)

Today we bring you another tool from others that makes it possible to delete the program and, after all, clean up Windows. We talk about a free and open source script matching each and every running edition of Windows. It does not require any kind of installation as it runs by activating the corresponding commands in the advanced Powershell console, but through an interface that makes development possible. Really useful both for system administrators and for individuals who walk in the following way:

  • Download this compressed .ZIP file from their GitHub page (it works for Windows from versions 7 to 11)
  • Unzip the file to any folder on your PC.
  • Go to the folder where you have unzipped the files and run the batch file “Bloatware-Removal-Utility.bat” in manager mode.


Bloatware Removal Tool makes it easy to clean up unnecessary software in Windows 29

  • The script will start a console session and display a user interface for handling.


Bloatware Removal Tool makes it easy to clean unnecessary software in Windows

The screen displays the installed applications with their name, version and publisher. There is no alternative to open the program folder or the main executable file, which would be useful to check duplications, but its use is very simple in any case and it only lies in marking the app in question that we intend to uninstall from the system.

The tool includes a “change suggested bloatware” button that flags apps on their own based on a previous catalog. It is not quite accurate and may remove tool program, thus it is convenient that you review each and every one of the applications. It also has another button to show/hide the console that works under the design and is ultimately responsible for removing the applications.


Bloatware Removal makes it easy to clean up unnecessary software in Windows

Say that you have enabled by default the creation of a system restore point that is carried out before the deletion of the chosen app. it will leave revert completed changes if we have eliminated any app by mistake, beyond the fact that we could have some of them from the Windows Store.

We find several tools or programs to eliminate bloatware, a good option would be Bloatware Removal Tool to clean up an OS that by default is distributed extremely inflated with programs and services, which superfluously fill Windows with unnecessary elements. And if you choose third-party programs for these tasks, such as the aforementioned O&O AppBuster for its features, they also perform well for uninstalling or removing bloatware.

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