Change Hard Drive – Where to replace the HD?

Master Trend is a company dedicated to providing technical assistance in the area of computing, specializing in the replacement of storage units.
Its main location is in the city of Buenos Aires, CABA, and it has an office in Belgrano.
Master Trend has a group of certified technicians who are available to offer support to customers who need to replace their hard drive or other parts.


Change a hard drive

Replacing the new notebook hard drive – When to change the laptop hard drive?

Master Trend offers a variety of services including data recovery, virus removal, and software (operating system) installation.

Master Trend also offers a wide range of models of hard drives from the leading manufacturers.

Master Trend guarantees that all of its services will be rendered in a timely and professional manner.

Replacing the new hard drive is one of the most common repairs laptop users have to do.

A drop, bump or power failure can cause the hard drive to crash on your computer and ultimately lead to data loss.

To avoid major problems, it is very important to keep your backup copy always up-to-date, that care is worth it. Use an external disk or some kind of flash memory.

Master Trend has the fastest turnaround time to replace your new hard drive.

If your hard drive is damaged and the computer cannot boot, we can replace it with one of equal or greater capacity.

As soon as your computer's hard drive fails, you need to have it replaced.

We can do it in 24-48 hours, we'll install an operating system and any other software needed to get everything working like new again – straight out the first day ;).

So that all the information on your disk is not lost, we recommend that you make a regular backup.

You can have a faster, more energy-efficient Solid State Drive (SSD) installed in your computer to improve performance.

Backup – Possibility to recover data on HDD SSD notebook

When your HDD is perfect and you hardly need to exchange for a faster or higher capacity model, we use a cloning technique, keeping its content intact, including existing partitions.

In case of failure, before replacement with your new hard drive, and if your original drive is not completely damaged, we can try to recover the data with a software level method, using a program with tools for that process.

The step would be: after removing the screws from the cover that protects the HDD, we remove the connectors and with the piece out, we use a cable with a USB adapter to connect the disk to our backup and recovery servers.

If you have suffered significant damage, our data recovery service is available to help you.

Installation of operating system and programs

When the new operating system is installed, licenses for programs previously purchased by the customer are not included.

We always install the most up-to-date operating system possible, which the client's hardware allows, while being fully compatible with your computer's technology.

Our team will install any missing drivers as well as check for OS updates so you don't miss a thing.

Next, we also install accessory programs to ensure your notebook is always functional right out of the box.

In addition to the operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux) and their respective drivers and applications for daily use, ask for any special program you need.

Installation for PS4 hard drive, PlayStation 4 HDD, PS4 Slim HDD, new PS4 internal hard drive.

HDD hard drive type

We only use components and products from the best brands (SSD or portable HDD), we install the best hard drives on the market with warranty and certification in your equipment.

We make sure to use a HDD based on the model and compatibility of your laptop or PC.

Portable sata disk – Hard Disk 2.5″ mechanical 5400rpm

Change of disk - Hard Disk Mechanic

500GB or 1TB HDDs are the most common size for mechanical drives.

These high-capacity models offer a good balance of price and performance, making them a great option if you need enough space to store large files without spending too much money on your storage solution.

There is a wide range of brands and models that can differ in terms of capacity, as some have more cache memory than others.

The cost-per-gigabyte solution is still the cheapest option on low-end notebooks.

That kind of record, next to the solid disk, it can also be a solution to store files. (operating system on the solid drive for faster speed)

Portable solid state drive – Hard Disk SSD 2.5″ solid state

Disk change - fast SATA SSDs to install the system

The perfect companion for your laptop, the 2.5″ SATA SSD offers high performance and low power consumption, and is compatible with most notebooks on the market today!

The capacity of this type of hard drive can be the same as mechanical drives, but its cost per gigabyte is higher.

To meet the storage needs of our customers, we typically install 250GB storage SSDs or 500GB Solid State Drives (SSDs) up to 1TB if required.

Now that prices seem more affordable for higher capacity options, here's something to consider when shopping for your next drive.

These drives use the SATA 3 port and are compatible with older PC or notebook models that still rely on a SATA 2 port.

SSD hard drive for laptop – SSD type M.2

There are many types of Solid State Drives (SSD) now available in a smaller size, compatible with an M.2 port, not all notebooks have the ability to physically install this type or storage device in their machines, it depends on the motherboard of your computer has the slot available.

These small, fast hard drives are similar to RAM in that they require a format-compatible port or slot and are fixed with 1 screw on the motherboard.

There is a wide variety of sizes, capacities and speeds. The price per GB of these types can also be higher than that of the SSD normal.

The best known are:

M.2 NVMe Pci-E that use the speed of the 3rd gen pci express port.
With SSD PCIExpress You can install the system flying


  • Average Sequential Read Speed: Up to 3,400MB/s
  • Average sequential write speed: Up to 1,500MB/s


M.2 NVMe Pci-E 4th generation disk
High-end SSD NVME PCI Express 4GEN hard drive
  • Read speed: up to 4950MB/s
  • Write speed: up to 4250MB/s

The SSD drives NVME PCI Express 4GEN are the new generation of solid state drives. They are backwards compatible and identical in form factor to their predecessors, so you won't notice any difference on your laptop or desktop when you install these ultra-fast PCIe-based NVMe drives into a PCIE slot, (if is it availabe).

These high-speed solid-state drives enjoy higher bandwidth than PCI Express Gen 3 cards, allowing for faster data read speeds that will make everyday use in laptops much faster; however, this comes at a higher power consumption cost and these devices require heat sinks.

Slower and cheaper M.2 sata – Change the Hard Drive
SSD M2, although it is not the fastest, has a good cost benefit
    • Reading speed: 560MB/s
    • Recording speed: 510MB/s

    There are many different speeds for each drive model and the numbers may vary by brand. They are like conventional solid SATA, but with the M2 format.

    When changing the hard disk – Change Hard Disk:

    To ensure that our customers' data remains in your possession, we will return the damaged hard drive.

    Hard disk replacements are carried out in 24/48 hours depending on the availability of stock, the amount of data to be cloned or recovered and the speed of the equipment (CPU, Memory, etc.)

    Master Trend is committed to providing the best customer service and technical support possible. It also offers a 6-month warranty. Master Trend is a trusted, reliable and affordable hard drive replacement company that provides excellent customer support and technical support. Contact Master Trend today for all your hard drive replacement needs.


    Why choose Master Trend to replace the new Hard Drive of my notebook?




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