Notebook Repair and Technical Service in Belgrano

Notebook Repair – Repair of PCs, All In One, Apple and iMac – All makes and models.


Our Belgrano technical service is a specialist in repairing notebooks.technical service - lenovo notebook repair

With vast experience in the field, we repair and solve any problem that your laptop has, whether they are software failures (error correction and updating of Windows or other operating systems, viruses, Trojans, configuring email, etc.) or hardware failures. (The computer does not turn on, excessive heating, graphics chip failure, hard drive failure, network errors, etc.).

We have our own technical laboratory to service your machine and diagnose faults, be it a pc gamer, (Workstation for graphic design, video editing, application and data server) or laptops for home office.
Excellent attention for Apple, Mac and IMac devices.
Great experience in all PC formats (Computers, notebooks, netbooks and All In One) we repair hardware and software. The client is guaranteed the best option in laptop repair.

Did it break? If your laptop isn't working properly and you need it fixed, count on our expertise.

We offer a well-equipped laboratory laptop repair service for many different types of laptops including major brands such as: lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, HP, Acer, Sony, BGH, Bangho, DELL etc., no matter what the fault is.

Ask us for an express repair budget (on the spot) in the federal capital.

Notebook Repair – Estimates for laptop PC repairs are always free of charge.

Bring your notebook and we'll repair it! We are ready for those more complex repairs.

Notebook Repair – Main laptop repairs and technical service that we do in Capital Federal:

Notebook Arrangements - The Best Service in Motherboard or Motherboard Repair.

Professional Argentine BGA laser technology.

  • Service at the level of electronic components that can fail in your system (such as diodes or mosfets for example) as well as chips and chipsets replacement, BIOS rewriting, etc., the ideal notebook repair service for motherboards, thanks for using the best tools and excellent professionalism.

Notebook repair - Motherboard repair - technical service - notebook repair

Notebook Repair – PC Gamer or PC Technical Service with dedicated video – Repair of graphics cards for laptops.

Professional reballing laser bga technology. The highest rate of effectiveness!

Notebook repairer - AMD Radeon RX 7000 - technical service - notebook repair

Repair of Notebooks and Technical Service of internal cleaning of fans and heatsinks of the laptop.

  • Either correctively or as a way to avoid failures in the future. If your computer gets very hot or makes a lot of noise, it is time to clean the ventilation system, in the dissipation versions with air or water technology. Preventive maintenance is highly recommended for high performance systems or 24 hour use.

Cooler cleaning - technical service - notebook repair

Repair Notebook – Notebook Technical Service in Belgrano to Change Jack Power in Buenos Aires.

  • Its power connector may have gone bad. Our specialized technical service can help you with correct diagnoses, to solve this problem by repairing or replacing the power connector on any brand and model of motherboard, so that you can use your equipment again without delay.

Change of Jack Power - technical service - notebook repair

Laptop repair in CABA – Laptop Screen Repair and Screen Change Technical Service.

  • If you have suffered a broken screen, we can help you! We have quick solutions, we replace the LCD - LED - TFT screens of laptops that have been damaged by bumps, falls or electronic failures.

Broken screen - technical service - notebook repair

Notebook Repair – Notebook Arrangement – PC Technical Service Belgrano Buenos Aires for hinge repair.

  • Arrangement of plastic parts, restoration of thread support, replacement or repair of hinges. The knowledge and experience for repair service in metal parts, covers, frames, threads and plastics. Free consultation and estimate.

notebook repair - technical service - hinge repair

Specialized in Notebook Repair – Notebook Repair – Best Service to Repair all brands in Belgrano.

  • Reparation of Notebook with Hard Drive Replacement damaged

    damaged. Exchange for a higher capacity or speed HD use our specialized notebook repair service. Bring your laptops to check the SMART index and find out how your hard drive health is doing.

technical service - elements of a mechanical disk - Change Notebook Disk

  • Technical Service Belgrano Buenos Aires for expansion of Hard Disk to SSD.

    All solid storage formats: Sata (Hard Disk SSD 2.5) – M.2 sata slower and cheaper – M.2 NVMe Pci-E 3rd gen – M.2 NVMe Pci-E 4th gen – Others. Quote free of charge.

Technical Service - SSD sata and internal for notebook

  • Memory Increase Technical Service. Memories of all types DDR2 – DDR3 – DDR4 and DDR5, From the most renowned manufacturers. Federal capital Notebook repair. Top of the line spare parts.
  • Keyboard Change Technical Service. Notebook keyboard replacement for any brand. Variety of notebook keyboards from brands: Lenovo – Dell – Asus – Acer – Samsung – HP. Consult in Master Trend the notebook keyboard that you need at the lowest budget in Buenos Aires.

Technical Service - Change Keyboard for notebook

  • Battery repair technical service. Battery replacement for notebooks of all brands. Wide stock of batteries: Lenovo – Bangho – Dell – HP – Asus – Acer. The best price for your battery change. The external battery change service is done on the spot, check for stock. Free estimate. For batteries in stock consult for express repairs.

Technical Service - Battery Change for notebook

  • Technical replacement service for your optical drive Have you noticed a failure to read or write to your recorder? Our team can help you by offering replacement services for all unit models, as well as installation if required. (DVD-RW, DVD+CDRW and Blue-ray)

Repair of Notebook Applications – Main Software Maintenance we do:

  • Technical Service Specialized in Elimination of viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware. The The best way to avoid having malware on your computer is to use an antivirus solution.. If you find that there are viruses, ads or other programs installed without the permission of the owner user, then it is time to perform a thorough cleaning and use appropriate AV software that can guarantee protection against cyber threats. We are in our own laboratory to quote and diagnose the failures of your notebook for free.

Technical Service - Virus Removal

  • Notebook technical service for repair, optimization and reinstallation of the operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux) in Buenos Aires. In case your operating system has serious problems and does not work correctly, all data is saved before performing a reinstallation. Installations on PC, Notebook, MacBook and All in One, etc. We install special applications upon request. Installations that leave your equipment as if it had just left the factory!

PC Repair - Operating-Systems - Technical Service

Notebook Repairer – Micro Electronics – All the repairs for your notebook in our own laboratory.

notebook repair - Motherboard repair - technical service

Laptop Repair – Motherboard repair – (mother)

If your laptop won't turn on we can repair the Motherboard.

Laptop graphic chip repair - technical service - notebook repair

GPU repair. Your laptop boots, but does not show an image?

The graphics chip may be failing.

Notebook repairer - Cleaning fans and heatsinks - technical service

Maintenance and repair of air devices.
Does your laptop get very hot?
Does it turn off after working?

Notebook repairer - Laptop screen repair - technical service

Repair lapTop – Repair notebooks – Laptop screen.
It has been broken screen of your notebook?
Does the screen look dull?

Virus problem - technical service

Removal of malware such as viruses, trojans and spyware… Installation of AV
Are there weird windows appearing on the screen?
Is the computer running much slower?

Hard drive data recovery - technical service

Data recovery.
Have you accidentally deleted important data?
Has your computer failed its Hard Disk?

repair notebooks - Expansion of computer equipment - technical service

Expand or improve a laptop. RAM increase?
Do you need more storage space?
Do you need to improve the performance of your notebook?

Power connector - technical service

Repair notebooks – Repair power connector of motherboard.
Does your computer shut down when you move the power cable?

Is this a problem for you, and if so what do you think might be causing it.

Notebook Repairer – Belgrano Notebook Repair – Notebook Technical Service – Customer Service call us!

Why choose Master Trend for laptop repair in capital federal?

  • Estimate completely free of charge. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Original replacement parts. Works with high-end components. Custom made products. Computer accessories.
  • Own laboratory. Equipped to serve all makes and models, wide range of spare parts.
  • Clear prices, without fine print and VAT included. Repair prices are clear.
  • Low prices. We are proud to offer the most competitive prices in town!
  • Staff specialization. We are a company that offers high-quality repair services for all types of computers. Our certified technicians have years of experience and don't outsource work, so you can rest assured that your equipment will receive the attention it deserves from us!
  • Speed! When you need a quick response to fix your laptop. It is good that there are qualified professionals who can do the job in the shortest possible time, in some cases in the day!
  • Written guarantee! We assure that any repair carried out will have a minimum guarantee of 6 months or the money paid will be returned.
  • Flexible means of payment. Choose the Payment Method. We accept all debit or credit cards, market payment, bank transfer and others, consult.
  • In short, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service by offering fast response times with great quality workmanship for your favorite gadget, (PC – All In One – Notebook – Netbook).
  • Online monitoring of the progress of your repair, check the status of your Service order

Where to repair notebook with warranty in Capital Federal?

Notebook Repair – We are in Barrio Belgrano (Buenos Aires – CABA) Contact Us by e-mail, Call us by WhatsApp or Phone, or bring your notebook.

Motherboard repair - technical service
If you have a computer room, our technical service can repair your equipment with excellent conditions for guilds. We are currently performing laptop repairs for companies located throughout Argentina. Discounted spare parts. get in contact us (mail, online inquiries with WhatsApp or phone) and at the same time we will provide you with more details, offers, promotions and rates. Sale with shipment of spare parts for the whole country.

Wherever you want to look for products, solutions and advice for your notebook, find us in the Belgrano CABA area.

For all notebook repairs we give a written guarantee in accordance with current legislation.

Best Federal Capital Notebook repair service, consult for motherboard repair and Motherboard components with personalized attention, all models and brands, click here

Too you can check the status of your service order at any time clicking here.

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Pricing details of our services

1motherboard repair$consult
2screen change$consult
3keyboard change$consult
4System Reinstall$consult

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