Repair notebook hinges - Repair Notebook Hinges

Notebook hinges repair - Notebook hinges repair

Repair notebook hinges - Repair Notebook Hinges

Notebook Hinge Repair – Did you break the hinge of the Notebook?

Repair Notebook Hinges - Broken hinge

With our specialized service, we can help you solve all the problems of the hinges of your laptop in an efficient and economic way, we fix all the failures of casings, including the threads and plastics of your notebook.

The function of a hinge, whose change may depend on use and demand, is to support an open screen and perform the opening or closing movement (the laptop lid with the hinges are a very demanding structure).

Our team of highly trained technicians, always available via WhatsApp, has experience diagnosing and repairing notebook hinges of all makes and models.

Our technical service will ensure that the hinges of your notebook or tablet, whose condition may depend on use, are correctly aligned and working without problems, relying on the appropriate documentation.

If you're experiencing problems with your laptop's hinges, such as squeaking, difficult to open and close, or even if the hinges have completely broken, we can fix it.

We use high quality tools and original spare parts in our technical service to guarantee a long-lasting repair.

In addition to changing the hinges, we can also solve problems with the case of your notebook depending on its condition and use.

If you have noticed cracks or breaks in the plastic of your notebook, we can repair it, the process of which depends on the damage, to prevent further damage.

Our goal is to provide you with quality service at an affordable price.

No matter what the issue is with your laptop case or hinges, our team is happy to help.

Contact us today via WhatsApp and we will be happy to resolve all your hinge problems quickly and efficiently.

Laptops have 2 hinges, there are models that may vary.

Normally, the left hinge carries the cables that connect your screen to the motherboard and the right one usually carries the cables for an antenna or a webcam-microphone.

The laptop hinges, whose condition may depend on use, are attached to the top and bottom covers with small screws and threads.

The threads are usually embedded in very small hollow plastic cylinders.

What happens if a laptop hinge breaks? – Repair Notebook Hinges or what to do

Review this guide to learn what to do if your laptop's hinge breaks.

Learn to identify the signs of a broken hinge.

A broken hinge can be recognized by the creaking sound even when the laptop is turned off or screen malfunctions that include shaking and jerky movement.

These are the characteristics of a broken laptop hinge.

Laptops with problems with the metal joints or their mounts often exhibit one of these symptoms:

Hinge repairs are a necessity when:

laptop hinge repair

  • Difficulty opening or closing the laptop lid correctly.
  • The laptop lid moves differently than it did before, with jerky or jerky movements.
  • The screen wobbles or shakes when the position of the lid is adjusted.
  • The screen does not stay in the desired position and falls backwards or forwards.
  • A crackling or creaking sound is heard when opening or closing the laptop lid.
  • The laptop lid doesn't stay open on its own, but easily closes or falls off.
  • The lid of the laptop does not open completely and stays halfway.
  • A gap is noticeable between the display frame and the body of the laptop in the hinge area.
  • The laptop cannot be kept in the desired position as it does not fit properly due to the broken hinge.
  • The laptop lid does not close securely and stays half open.
  • It's impossible to keep the screen open without it shifting up or down with your weight.
  • Inability to open or close the laptop screen.
  • Sometimes when I try to open or close the lid of the laptop, there is a strange noise.
  • Increased force to open or close the screen.
  • Visible damage to the exterior of a plastic or metal product.

If any of these symptoms occur in the operation of the laptop screen, it is likely that the hinge is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced.

It is important to address this issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the screen or the overall structure of the laptop.

Laptop Hinge Repair – All About Why Laptop Hinges Break?

The metal joints from your laptop They can fail due to the wear of their materials, an accidental blow received in the corners or that the metal parts of the hinges have hardened over time (the lubrication dries up).

Repair notebook hinges - Spare parts for broken hinge

Repairing laptop hinges is important once the fault is detected.

Although you can try to do it yourself if you have knowledge and experience in hardware repairs, it is advisable to take the laptop to a specialized technical service to avoid causing more damage or worsening the situation.

A professional technician will be able to properly assess the problem, have the right tools and experience to make a safe and effective repair.

Also, many times the hinges are connected to other components or parts of the laptop, so it is important to have the proper knowledge to disassemble and reassemble the device without causing additional damage.

Therefore, it is recommended that, once the fault in the laptop hinges is detected, the service of a professional technician is requested as soon as possible to avoid complications and guarantee an adequate repair.

According to our experience, the problem will always increase, first of all, damaging the plastics that hold the threads and then, in more serious cases, the cables and even the screen, it is inevitable that it will get worse.

Likewise, it is very common for laptops with failures in their metal joints to break the plastic supports and these are introduced inside the device, representing a danger to the motherboard (if they come into contact with the metal thread) or insert into fans.

Repair Notebook Hinges – How to restore hinges?

Ways to repair broken hinges or fix broken ones metal joints of notebooks

Repairing the hinges of a laptop, the best way to solve the problem is determined by what you want to spend on it and by the type of damage that has occurred. They are 2 options. Repair of broken threads of all models

    • Replace all damaged parts with new ones. The economic cost and delivery time are negative aspects of this option. The parts of the different brands can be expensive, as well as their long delivery times, in addition to the labor of disassembling and reassembling it with the new parts. The good side is that it can be as good as new.
    • Fix the damaged parts. . The economic cost of this option is much more content. The downside, however, is that laptops can't always be perfect; For example, if the plastic breaks or cracks, we can hide it, but not come out as such before it breaks...

    With a hinge repair, we look for two things: standard mechanical function, and for the issue of the laptop's metal joints to be as inconspicuous as possible in terms of finish.

Notebook hinge repair – Welcome! Why choose Master Trend to repair my notebook hinges?

  • Completely free estimate. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Clear prices, without fine print and VAT included. Repair prices are clear.
  • Economy. We are the most affordable company you will find. All our prices are below the market average and with the certainty of a fair price!
  • Here at Master Trend, we have technicians who are specially trained to handle any type of laptop repair. We also do not subcontract.
  • Quality of service. The repair is carried out quickly and efficiently so you can get back to running your daily business operations as quickly as possible.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 6-month warranty on all repairs. If you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right.
  • All forms of payment. We accept all debit or credit cards, payment market, bank transfer and others, check now
  • We like to keep abreast of trends in the sector, which is why we are always evolving.
  • We serve all models of any brand with original spare parts.

Laptop Hinge Repair – SALE consult by brand and models. Check stock for sale of casings and plastic parts (contacts)Please send description. In case of purchases we ship no matter the distance, we serve all of Argentina, you are welcome to create an account to facilitate the management of purchases, consult shipping, access to the cart, consult price and preferences. The shipping value varies with weight and distance. In your account please verify your preferences and rights to privacy. Consult for Notebook Repair – Technical Service Check out Motherboard Repair and Motherboard Components, click here.

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2 years ago

Good afternoon. I have a bangho vamer notebook. The hinges have been broken. I can't close the team and that's why it's impossible for me to send it to BsAs. I am from Mendoza. Can you get the part and sell it? I would pay the shipping amount

Felice mongiovi
Felice mongiovi
6 months ago

I have a Toshiba laptop with a broken hinge so the screen remains black, i.e. off. I connected the PC to the external monitor output which has always worked fine. Now even connected to the external monitor the screen remains off. Could it be due to the broken hinge? The laptop turns on but the screen remains off. What could it depend on? Thank you.