PC Annual Maintenance

PC Annual Maintenance

PC Annual Maintenance

Annual PC and Preventive Maintenance

Tips for proper maintenance of my equipment

Many of our clients ask us when they leave us their equipment for repair or even when they pick up their repaired equipment, what recommendation can we give them so that their equipment has a longer life.

And yes, in the times we are living in now, all users who have a computer for home or professional use want to extend its useful life. Because electronic equipment must be given the same "maintenance" and "prevention" as our health or our vehicle.

Obviously we get sick, the car needs maintenance to avoid breakdowns and the same thing happens to a computer as in the two previous examples.

In this new post on the Master Trend blog, we are going to give you some guidelines on preventive maintenance and advice so that our team is by our side for as long as possible thanks to Annual Maintenance.

  • The vast majority of computers in common use are portable devices. Small equipment, that I can take with me to any part of our home or office and continue working. But, is it good to have a laptop that we don't use as a “laptop” and I always have it on the table with the charger connected? Many of us think that if I unplug it I will run out of battery at any moment and I will have to wait for the charge to finish before I can continue working. In this way, what we are getting is “degrade battery life” long before.
    • The battery of a laptop is manufactured to give use to the device between 2 and 7 hours. Obviously many factors influence so that the wear of it is greater or less.
  1. It will depend on the brightness we have on the screen.
  2. The applications that we are using (it is not the same that we are browsing the internet, that editing a photograph with Photoshop)
  3. External screens that we have connected and the charger is not on our computer.
    • tip at this point is, 2 or 3 times a week, do a download battery at least up to 20%, then reconnect up to 80%. In this way the battery does not get into the habit of always being at 100%.

We enclose a small link with recommendations of Manzana:

  • Another point that we have to take into account in preventive maintenance is the ventilation of your equipment. If we work in an environment with a lot of humidity, dust, pets or even we are people who also use tobacco in the same room, that harms our team a lot. Everything that is in the environment, the ventilation duct itself absorbs it and causes our fan to become clogged or even stop working. The moment we detect that our equipment heats up more than normal, even if it burns in the area of the keys, it will be necessary to clean the equipment internally. Yes yes, internal, disassembled the device piece by piece, to clean the dust that has been generated inside. We will always remind you to have this task done by a professional, because the pieces are becoming more and more delicate and smaller and it may be the case that static energy is generated in one of the components during the cleaning process, which can lead to our equipment stopping working. work permanently. Wouldn't it occur to us to open and disassemble our washing machine? Do not do the same with your computer equipment.

Annual Maintenance – Our team needs more “pampering” and good internal maintenance for its proper functioning:

  • Continuing with the advice for your laptop and on preventive maintenance, another issue to take into account for a computer is the health or maintenance of our storage unit (Hard Drive). For all of us, the information we have stored on our computer is very important. Vital in many cases! Today's computers have hard drives called SSD or FLASH. They are very fast and mean that we do not have to wait so long to start or open a program. Fantastic right? But beware, they are also hard drives with less storage capacity. And we all know each other. We keep working, filling the hard drive with information, until one day, pam! We have run out of space. It will probably coincide with a life or death information, which we will not be able to store. And our nerves go to the limit. How to avoid these episodes?
    • We have to make daily, weekly or monthly backups. Don't skimp on copies. In the case of Apple it is very simple since we have a program dedicated to it, called Time Machine. We will only need to connect an external unit (remember that this unit will be solely and exclusively for Time Machine-Apple) and let the magic take effect. We also have the option of cloud storage (iCloud or other platforms, usually all paid). In Windows there are also tools that can do the same backup job. But whoops! What if we have a full hard drive? Do not worry. It is a very common problem. We work and work and do not check the capacity limit of the storage unit. If this happens, one day we'll restart the Mac and it crashes, with the “apple” and a process bar. And on Windows, lock, white letters in English…a mess!

Annual Maintenance – Indeed, not having proper and up-to-date maintenance of your hard drive can cause the computer to NOT boot. And if we don't have an updated backup we will undoubtedly go through a very “bitter” moment…and critical in some cases.

  • At this point, we ask you another question with a million-dollar answer: does our device have greater wear and tear because it is always at rest or do I have to “turn it on and off” every time I use it? Our advice as professional Computer Technicians is, 1- if you constantly use your computer, working, in consultations, etc, do not turn it off. We only recommend restarting the device once a week to refresh its components, the RAM memory consumed, or even update the device with a pending update. A laptop does not need to be turned off every day.

After these little tips for the preventive maintenance of your equipment, we always recommend checking your equipment annually. Remember that, in Master Trend, the diagnosis is totally free. We will check all the vital points of your equipment to see if it is working correctly. We will give you recommendations and improvement tips... And only you decide if you want to invest in a "better life" for your device and do an Annual Maintenance.

We also remind you that we are Technical service specialized in notebooks.  All our technicians are certified to provide you with the best service. Don't worry if you have a rare brand equipment. We serve all brands, both software and hardware, and if any equipment needs a part change, we can request it from one of our suppliers.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you with the Annual Maintenance of your equipment.

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Very good article, exactly what I was looking for.