Surface Pro 8 and Windows 11

Surface Pro 8 and Windows 11

Surface Pro 8 and Windows 11

Surface Pro 8 and Windows 11

Capacity and elasticity for Windows 11!

Surface Pro 8 It is the new version of the flagship of the Surface family, a group of gadgets and accessories that has not left anyone indifferent since its appearance much more than a decade ago, but with which Microsoft continues to improve with each member that reaches the market. And they did not have it simple, it should be noted.

It's a given that huge PC builders have great teams, but Microsoft's Surface family goes one step further and has done so since its inaugural release, which has much more merit. The Redmond firm could have settled for designing gadgets for use and fine-tuning the program for hardware; however, they have chosen to jeopardize or, to put it another way, to create.

Today, Surface offers a range of options tailored to the needs of each user, distributing in each and every one of the cases the peculiarities for which this family of gadgets carved out a niche among much more rigorous individuals: a distinguished design, a construction of enormous quality, elements from top manufacturers that guarantee the most remarkable performance and, obviously, a fusion between hardware and program that few developers manage to achieve.

It is true that they managed it with a trick, due to the fact that at the moment when you are the hardware builder and you develop the program, you part with virtue, but to César what belongs to César… And at the moment in which we talked about PCs, Microsoft is Caesar. However, this Caesar has a family of gadgets to lend and each one can boast of their strengths, sometimes shared, but optimized depending on the model to drive efficiency in their precise field. What exactly does the Surface Pro 8 excel at? Let's find out.

In summary, Surface Pro 8 it is still the same as always and at all times, but better. In other words, a versatile device whose primary virtue is to combine the classic essence of hybrid between tablet and laptop with a configured balance between capacity and elasticity. Surface Pro 8 is the device of choice for a professional - or, for that matter, any of the hardcore individuals - looking for an all-in-one device without capacity or stretch limitations.

Surface Pro 8 at first look

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 stands out from the first glance, as we have now pointed out, by a slim design. This radical shows little confrontation: it is enough to look at the device to know it. Surface Pro 8 is, all in all, very stylish. It has some well-established forms, whether in Tablet mode - perched on its characteristic back support - or in the company of certain unique keyboards designed by Microsoft.

Regarding the keyboard, there are multiple options: from a much more basic version called Surface Pro Keyboard, to a much more complete and customizable one such as the Signature keyboards. In both cases we talk about accessories made with quality, solid and distinguished materials, designed to magnetically attach to the device. Exactly how are they different? In the options available to each of them. We have 2 editions of the surface signature keyboard one that comes equipped with the Slim Pen 2 and a slot to charge it, and another with just the charging slot. In addition to this, in both editions we have multiple options when it comes to colors. The material with which they are made is known as Alcantara, a strong material with which the interior of Ferrari cars is made, to serve as an example.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Signature Keyboard for Surface Pro is an important factor as a keyboard, but also as a support for the Surface Slim Pen 2, a meticulously crafted pen for compatible Microsoft gadgets that lets you edit the Surface Pro 8 screen into a handwritten notepad, digital chart… you name it.

For its part, the outer cover of Surface Pro 8 is carried out in iconic anodized aluminum, with which the device can boast of lightness without losing solidity. But in addition to this, it gives a satisfactory touch sensation, similar to that of equipment made of ordinary aluminum, but much more slowly. We managed to find it in 2 different colors: shiny silver (platinum) and a dark carbon without reaching black (graphite).

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 also has physical start and stop buttons, others to monitor the volume, apart from the inputs for the different connections.

Surface Pro 8 modernizes multiple data compared to its previous version, while optimizing its abilities. In this way, while much more rounded edges refine its profile, the reduction in the size of the bezel allows the device to debut a 13-inch PixelSense Flow screen, 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2,880 × 1,920 pixels (267 dpi), with which it maintains its ultra-portable format, but with which it gains much more space for content.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The screen of the new Surface Pro 8 is undoubtedly the soul of the device. It is a 2 in 1 whose tactile experience is an elementary characteristic of it. In such a case, in addition to this, it has compatibility with Dolby Vision and has a refresh rate of up to 120 hertz active depending on context and adaptive color with which to find the best fluidity as long as it is required. This update continuity is particularly valuable when scrolling the desktop, watching videos or playing games. On the other hand, if you are simply writing a file, the continuity is decreased to 60 Hz and, consequently, it consumes fewer elements.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

It is essential to emphasize the lightness of everything mentioned insofar as it fits in only 28.7 centimeters wide by 20.8 prominent, 9 millimeters thick and weighing 891 grams. Of course, it is an ultralight that is served with the minimum viable packaging and with your keyboard you protect it without needing an added cover.

Surface Pro 8: that is, everything that hides its pretty face

If the new Surface Pro 8 is attractive on the outside, it is no less so on the inside. The device comes with the latest from Intel in portable processors both in capacity and efficiency, the frequent margin for the decision of basic elements, sufficient connectivity options and a battery with which to enjoy a detached autonomy. Let's look at all these elements in parts.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The basic technical information of Surface Pro 8 has inside:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-1135G7 or i7-1185G7 4-core
  • Memory: 8, 16 or 32 GB of RAM (LPDDR4x)
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Storage: 128, 256, 512 GB or 1 TB NVMe SSD
  • Battery: 51.5Wh

As you can see, the central processing unit is filled with processors 11th Gen Intel, designed for ultraportables and aimed, therefore, at suggesting balanced performance and consumption for this class of gadgets. The two processors are powered by the integrated graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics, the much more powerful released to date.

An essential note in relation to storage is that the SSD unit is removable, something very revolutionary in a device as narrow and with a high integration of elements as the Surface Pro 8. Thanks to this aspect, it is possible to enlarge its capacity or disassemble it in the future. moment when the device goes to be recycled, something of great interest in business environments to protect business data.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Its battery ensures «up to 16 hours of typical use of the device«, as indicated in the official information, which often represents that the real autonomy is significantly lower. Which lower will depend on the workload. In any case, even with the rigorous adjustment, the autonomy is up to what is expected and is much more than enough to do more than a day's work.

As an interlude between the basic elements and the connectivity that the device brings, the multimedia section is made up of 2 cameras, one from the front with 5.0 MP with full HD 1080p video -perfect for making high-definition video calls given the hybrid work context we are in- and support for facial authentication through Windows Hello, and a rear one with ten, 0 MP with autofocus and HD 1080p and 4K video. The group is completed with 2 far-field studio microphones, 2W stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos and, why not, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Enjoy seeing how such a cutting-edge device still comes with a standard headphone jack? Then you'll also like the connectivity options that Surface Pro 8 includes:

  • 2 USB-C ports with USB 4.0 with Thunderbolt 4
  • 1 Surface Connect port
  • Wi-Fi 6 matching 802.11ax
  • Bluetooth 5.1

In fact, Surface Pro 8 expands the USB-C ports for more connectivity than its previous version, while saving all other connections. Obviously, multiple sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, or a color sensor scope to adjust the light and tone of the screen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

For its part, the device arrives with Windows 11 installed, the brand new standard for PC that is modernized in shape and substance to provide the best desktop experience that Microsoft left us to date, and that imbued with the capacity and possibilities of Surface Pro 8, reaches a new level. Surface Pro 8 was developed to highlight the highlights of Windows 11, radical about which, however, we are not going to prolong, due to the fact that it is close to our daily bread here in MC and we have little possibility to add that we have not said now during the last months.

To sum it up, we liked Windows 10 a lot, but we are liking Windows 11 much more and Surface Pro 8 seems like the perfect device to enjoy it. On top of this, Surface Pro 8 arrives ready for action, with Microsoft 365 apps installed, a 30-day trial to Microsoft 365 Family, just like the Xbox app, and a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Surface Pro 8 in action

It is not necessary to know enough about data to be able to see that Surface Pro 8 It has an unusual performance, how could it be otherwise knowing the elements it uses. Apart from being a strong apparatus, capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks wherever you are, enjoy reduced dimensions and weight, just like a enormous autonomy. In a hybrid work context in which we regularly need to be on the move with a device under our arm, we must take these peculiarities into consideration.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

At the performance level, it is on a par with any high-end portable PC, with the extra elasticity provided by its Tablet facet, a powerful ally depending on the situation and considerably more, depending on what you do. In this way, this mode of the device can simply be an addition with which to enrich the experience of use in tours or in moments of relaxation in which you do not like to be with the keyboard, or you may suspect a extremist transformation if we combine it with a digital pen.

Surface Pro 8 does not require much more expressions

Surface Pro 8 in summary… After the many that we now dedicate to the device and its idiosyncrasies, it could be synthesized in “the most remarkable Surface that Microsoft has published to date”, commenting always and at all times for what we have announced as the flagship of the family, a multipurpose device, and not a much more specific one, which also exists.

Is everything positive? Is there no room for optimization? Logically no... and yes, respectively, but with nuances. To serve as an example, the much cheaper version of the Surface Pro 8 starts at 976 euros and for that price there are laptops that, due to their elements, have the possibility of being much more attractive... but they are just laptops, not convertibles that are so versatile and at the same time fast unison like Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Also, the integrated graphics on this Microsoft device are more than enough to play a myriad of traditional and modern titles, but they don't stand a chance with today's much more rigorous releases. For that, it would be necessary to have a dedicated graphics card that would completely break with the term of portability that an ultra-portable gives off, as, in fact, this is. Nothing to object to in this regard, since the Surface Pro, by definition, is not a gaming device.

In the end, Surface Pro 8 is a safe bet for those who are looking for a device with such peculiarities, a 2-in-1 focused on efficiency and off-road mobility with all the capacity of a laptop or, much rather, an ultraportable of its range, but with the usefulness that contributes a facet of Tablet that goes beyond the pure touch screen that many computers today integrate.

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