How to build a Gaming PC

How to build a Gaming PC

How to build a Gaming PC

How to build a Gamer PC – Will you buy your first gaming PC? Tips – How to build a good gaming PC.

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if you think about get your first gaming pc you undoubtedly have many concerns: get a preconfigured PC or better to assemble one by parts? Which processor to choose? What ingredient is most essential for better gaming performance? In this shopping guide we will give you a sequence of tips to get your first gaming PC and guess, achieving the best possibilities/viable price ratio.

It is possible that consoles are the much more common gaming interface, but as you know there are many virtues of playing on PC and we are not only talking about their usefulness (since we are going to be able to use them for a myriad of things apart from playing), but rather for the "unique" PC games that are not on console like League of Legends or the new Valorant, apart from an extensive cast of strategy games and MOBAs.

Thus, we will see what causes you should take into consideration when choosing your first gaming PC and guess without spending money to spare.

How to Build a Gamer PC – Get a PC in parts or a pre-built one?

The much easier option when it comes to getting a gaming PC is to go to any physical store and get one that has been pre-built. In other words, we should not mount it ourselves. However, these teams tend to have much more marketing and design from the outside than anything else, leaving internal elements in the background and bringing with them quite negative surprises.

In this way, these teams OEM they tend to have OEM power supplies without quality guarantees, they use deposit heatsinks, they do not take advantage of dual-channel RAM memory and in the end they do not deliver the expected performance both due to temperature and noise as well as wild performance itself. For this reason, generally and with certain few exceptions We will never recommend you to get an OEM PC for gaming.

As we mentioned, the only situation where we have the possibility to suggest or is for an individual who does not want to spend practically nothing and chooses a pre-assembled PC, that has the hardware just right to escape the step and that more than anything is going to manage the warranty with the developer and not with the store, something incredibly essential, since if it is not in this way always and at all times, a PC by parts assembled by an expert store will be much more advisable.


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You choose each and every one of the elements.

The virtues of getting a PC piecemeal are that you choose each and every element, and if your concern is to carry out the assembly, apart from the fact that on the website we have several manuals so that you can carry it out yourself, most online stores have assembly services of enormous quality so that you do not have to worry about anything, and with total guarantee. You may pay a little much more money, but quality and guarantee that you are going to have well they are worth it.

The much more essential elements of a gaming PC

We are not talking about any PC, but rather a PC focused on gaming. Consequently, we must weigh the relevance of the pieces of hardware that we have gone to assemble, and undoubtedly we must skimp a little on certain elements in order to buy better ones.

In a gaming PC the much more essential elements are, in this order, graphics card, processor, RAM and storage. The processor is the brain of the device and is essential for all kinds of games, while the Graphic card It will depend on the quality and resolution of the games we intend to play. In the same way, the amount and agility of RAM influences the performance of games, and naturally having fast storage is vital to speed up the loading of games.


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The processor can be Intel or AMD look at our post (Equivalences of Intel and AMD CPUs the 2022 Guide), being amd usually much cheaper and with a better quality / price ratio. The graphics card can be AMD or NVIDIA, and again AMD graphics offer the best possibilities/price ratio, despite the fact that NVIDIA graphics are currently higher in pure performance. For RAM, with 8 GB you will have enough for most cases, but if you want to play all things prominent and your budget is prominent don't hesitate and go for 16 GB of RAM.

Regarding storage, there is no doubt: buy an SSD. It doesn't matter if you're on a budget and have to settle for a SATA 3 SSD, right now they're very cheap and give incredible gaming performance compared to a HDD classic mechanic.

How to build a Gamer PC – How to understand if an ingredient is good or not

Now you will be approximately clear about what you want knowing your budget, but at this moment, how to understand if an ingredient is good or not? Both graphics and processors have the potential to have confusing names, and you may not be sure if an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 is preferable to an AMD Radeon RX 560 or not, for example.

For this reason we advise you to spend a few minutes looking at our post (NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Card Comparative 2022) with reviews of the graphics cards and processors that fit you according to the budget you have.


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In addition to this, to understand if a certain hardware ingredient is going to work well in the games you intend to play, you can always look for benchmarks in the reviews. In general, at the time a graphics card is reviewed, it is always tested in games, and there you will achieve see the FPS it is with the ability to produce.

Apart from this, talking about the concept of good or bad is not really accurate, that is, it is really difficult to get a poor quality product or ingredient for PC today. It is much more accurate to talk about performances. Usually the value is a simple segmentation to understand what yields much more and what yields less, it is not 100% reliable, but it is indicative.

In the same way, the development of selection needs information that we must look for to understand if it is worth it or not.

Other components to take into consideration to obtain a gaming PC

Before deciding on one hardware or another, you have to estimate what your goals are. In other words, it is not exactly the same if you want to get a gaming PC for your child to play Fortnite than if you want a PC to play the latest triple-A games at 4K resolution, and therefore the budget for one or the other it is quite different.

To serve as an example, to play Fornite at 1080p you undoubtedly have enough with a gaming PC of about 500 euros or 700 euros, but if you want to play The Witcher 3 at 4K resolution and with everything at the limit, you will need to invest at least triple.


Screenshot of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

For this reason, the first advice is that before continuing you have your goals and your budget visible, and that you are clear that you will not be able to play at 4K resolution and with everything at the limit with a 500-euro gaming PC.

If you want a pre-built but non-OEM PC, where do you get it?

It is possible that you do not want to complicate your life when you get your PC for parts, and you like to have it assembled directly in the store. It is also possible that you do not trust the OEM PCs that certain developers sell and whose elements have a quality and performance that sometimes leave you wanting. If this is your case, you can always resort to online stores where they have an extensive catalog of PCs for parts now assembled by them, so that you will have all the good things of a PC for parts but without the disadvantage of OEM equipment.

The much larger stores also assemble their PCs by elements and give them a diminutive name of theirs, they sell it with their guarantee and it also includes exactly the same for assembly, so it is a much more productive alternative if we do not want a PC from a developer to OEM mode.

How to build a Gamer PC – Buy at Master Trend

Located in Belgrano CABA, it has options for PCs for sale, which are well received by the public, in different configurations and costs, they adapt quite well as much sought after due to the fact that they are configured with much more sold items, so it is good factor of what they are inclined to and the quality that the average or much more advanced gamer is looking for. We also build computers for other categories, for people who need high performance but not necessarily for gaming, with results focused on products in the graphics computing area, taking into account rendering speed.


Be welcome to inquire about our products, shipping and delivery methods, payment terms (fees), gamer pcs in stock and price of configurations with your preferences, please request a list of unpublished products for delivery on request.


Shipments for all of Argentina, in purchases (cart) you can verify the price of the shipment that is calculated by weight and distance, in the cart you can also choose the payment method. In the purchase process you can receive a notice to create an optional account which facilitates future purchases and faster access to the cart.


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